Thursday, May 14, 2015

W.L. Craig Says 50% of Evangelical Pastors are an Embarrassment

I discovered a video recently from January 26, 2014 in which esteemed apologist and intellectual thinker Dr. William H. Craig states that over 50% of evangelical pastors believe in a young earth and are an embarrassment to Christianity. You can go here to listen to the insult.
Well, here’s a quick FYI for you, Dr. Craig. I do not apologize for being one of those pastors. Just as you have your scientific reasons for believing in an aged earth, I have my Biblical reasons for believing in a young earth. The debate will go on until the New Heavens and the New Earth.
But what is more important, and indeed quite disturbing, is your lack of tact and a pointed effort to create disunity in the Body of Christ. With this single statement you have become within the Body of Christ what you accuse over 50% of being – an embarrassment.
For the future here’s a couple of suggestions:
§  If you decide to insult over 50% of the pastors in the evangelical word, think twice and then keep your mouth shut.

§  Since the name of your ministry is Reasonable Faith I would suggest that you begin to place more emphasis on the first word – be reasonable.

§  Try to step down once in a while from your ivory tower and your world of endless debates and get your hands dirty.
The majority of evangelical pastors would be most grateful.