Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Impressions Collection Bible - Book Review

Well, sort of a book review. It would seem most presumptuous to review the text of this book. The Impressions Collection Bible is not an attempt at a study Bible from a new angle or approach, but rather a unique slant to packaging and inevitably marketing the Bible. The concept is from Zondervan/Harper Collins Christian Publishing.

The basic cosmetics are quite simple. It is the NIV translation from 2011 with the words of Christ in red letter. The text on each page is double column in thin line making the print somewhat small. Of course, this produces a Bible of a portable size – less than 1.5 inches thick in a 9” x 6” size makes it quite easy to tote around. Also included is a ribbon marker. The boxed packaging is also appealing with a simulation of the cover on the box. The content is totally devoid of study notes with the exception of a Table of Weights and Measures at the very end. It is obvious that this Bible is meaning to simply be read.

But here’s what makes this Bible fun. It’s the clever and hopefully appealing marketing approach.

First it’s a hard cover, but not your usual, straightforward hardcover book. This one is padded with a soft matte finish that is wonderfully soft to the touch. You’ll hardly realize you have a hardback Bible in your hands.

But that’s not all. The soft matte finish comes in three designs. Our review copy arrived with a Cherry Blossom cover. Quite visually appealing. The pattern continues around the binding and the back. The other two styles are Flora and Fauna and Red Poppies.

This is an “attractive” Bible that should appeal to pre-teen and early teen young ladies. It invites you to pick it up and take a look.

If you’re looking for a great gift Bible for a young lady that she’ll be proud to show to her friends and carry to church and Sunday School, this is it. In conjunction with this it will make a great witnessing tool especially as a conversation starter.

My thanks to Zondervan and Harper Collins for providing this Bible for review.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

UConn Professor Goes Ape

Now I realize that the title of this blog is a sick pun (I’m not the originator of the pun.), but just read the thing anyway. It will present you with a slice of life from one of the USA’s institutions of higher learning.
At the University of Connecticut an anthropology professor sort of lost it when he observed some campus evangelists. Well, “lost it” may be an understatement; he was two inches from physical violence. I’ve put a couple of links here so you can read about it and even watch his rant on video.
But before you go charging into YouTube Land, here are a few warnings:
Warning #1: The video contains a good deal of profanity.  Apparently the good professor has a limited vocabulary. He needs to sit in on a couple of English classes at UCONN.
Warning #2: Parents, if you’re going to send your child to UCONN or almost any secular college or university, this is the quality of educator he or she will get to experience. Lucky you; you get to reap the benefits.
Warning #3: If you’re a hard core evolutionist, you may derive some benefit from this video. Kind of view it as a training video concerning how not to act in public.
Warning #4: Not only is there profanity and vulgarity in the video, there is obesity.
Here are the links. View them in the order as presented.