Friday, October 16, 2015

Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament: Philippians - Book Review

The Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament: Philippians is the latest addition to this commentary series (EGGNT). Other volumes already completed are Colossians-Philemon, James, and 1 Peter. The remainder of the New Testament is scheduled for future dates.

This review is really quite easy to undertake. EGGNT:Philippians is a technical commentary with a detailed, verse-by-verse analysis and interpretation of the entire Greek text of Philippians. Naturally, in a commentary of this sort, Hellerman provides investigation of authorship, date and occasion as well as a comprehensive outline. Of additional benefit is a section on “Recommended Commentaries” which would be useful for any student of Philippians to consider.

The book tracks out to 279 pages of commentary and then includes an Exegetical Outline, Grammar Index and Scripture Index at the end. The body of the work is a phrase-by-phrase analysis of the Greek text and thus is all-inclusive.

Because of the nature of this volume, it is, therefore, not really suited for those with no knowledge of biblical Greek. However, I suppose, if one would take the time to learn a bit of basic Greek, this volume would greatly benefit one’s study of Philippians. It should definitely be on every pastor’s shelf because it contains two helpful suggestions at the end of each outline section. One is a “For Further Study” arranged by topic and the second contains “Homiletic Suggestions.”

Pastors: Secure this volume if you have Philippians on your preaching schedule.

This book was provided to me by B&H Publishing for a fair and honest review.