Thursday, February 26, 2015

Freedom of Religion Challenged

The name of this blog is “Eye on Christianity.” And while we usually like to keep a close eye on events that are happening within the born-again believer world, we also feel it necessary to observe those events happening outside of Christianity that can or could affect how believers walk in the world. The following is one of those.

If you care about freedom of religion and the right to live out your faith in the market place, you should put this on-going situation at the top of your reading list and then the top of your prayer list. It’s all about a grandmother who is being persecuted by the state of Washington.

You can also get a Southern Baptist perspective on the state of affairs at this link.
The most disturbing element is the statement made by the judge. The Seattle Times reported that Judge Ekstrom determined that “while religious beliefs are protected by the First Amendment, actions based on those beliefs aren’t necessarily protected.”
These two previous links are the background to this sad, ongoing  saga. You can go here to get an update and view an interview from The Kelly File:
This situation is truly disturbing. It should genuinely upsetting regardless of one’s religious or political affiliation. This is the slippery slope that will erode religious freedom in the United States.


Friday, February 20, 2015

The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs & Symbols - Book Review

In a world of Biblical literature that is overflowing with reference books, you would think it would be a monumental task to produce a volume that is unique, informative, practical and just plain fun to hold in your hands and peruse. But not so with The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs & Symbols; Understanding their Meaning and Significance by Neil Wilson and Nancy Ryken Taylor and published by Baker Books.

Wilson and Taylor have endeavored to catalogue and explain 131 signs and symbols found within the sixty-six books of the Bible. All 131 are arranged alphabetically for ease of access. (Thus the lack of need for an index.) The book is printed on glossy paper with illustrations included for every entry.

Entries range from Altar to Zion/Jerusalem with items like Fire, Light and Salt sprinkled in between. Each entry also contains a short practical application/devotional just to get you thinking. There are even several “numbers” – forty, one, seven – that are included.

Sure they may have omitted one or two of your favorites but they do not claim the list to be exhaustive. This volume is not written for an ivory tower inhabitant who dabbles in the minutia of this fascinating topic, but rather for the busy pastor or the die-hard Bible student who seeks to glean all he or she can out of scripture.

And a note about format: You’ll want to get this is the paperback style. Baker Books is very adept at producing glossy books with great illustrations – Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary/Dictionary/Handbook. This one you’ll want to hold in your hands to more easily enjoy the layout of the book and the illustrations.

The end of the matter is this: if you are at all serious about Bible study, this book will enrich your endeavors.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What's Worse?

Here’s the What’s Worse question for today based on some news from yesterday.

Here are your two “What’s Worse” choices:

Christian bakers have been determined to be in violation of discriminatory laws in Oregon after they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. That, according to an Oregon administrative judge, is blatant discrimination based on sexual orientation. You can read about the legal goings-on at this link - baker faker.

NBC News anchor Brian Williams admitted yesterday that the story he’s been telling about being shot down in a helicopter is a fabrication – alright, it’s a bold-face lie. Williams finally fessed up when America’s true heroes confronted him on his recollection of the facts. Be aware that Williams provides so much crap in his excuse that you’ll probably have to read the piece with hip boots on. Here’s a link for some more info on the story - news faker.
So now you choose.
Who are we going to put into the stocks in the village square a then pelt with rotten fruit?
A. Will it be the Christian bakers in Oregon who were simply standing up for their religious beliefs or
B. Will it be the famous newsman with the foggy memory who lied in the face of our heroes and nation?

Think hard. Pray Hard. It’s a tough choice.